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Abstract Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor has always been a favorite among musicians. Watercolor if people consider abstract watercolor paintings, they automatically envision a dull, pale hue brimming with a faint hint of aqua or sea. Watercolor this isn’t the case. There are lots of abstract watercolor paintings which are vibrant and exciting, full of vivid colors and life-like brush strokes. Here are some examples:

The famed artist Frida Kahlo is connected with abstract watercolor paintings. The style she developed was known as haremsplendens, so”harps splashed.” In her haremplendens show, she portrays farm scenes with creatures floating in the background. The farmhouse in the center of a single painting seems as if it’s going to fall apart, even though a piggy bank that has just been tipped over seems to be more balanced on a teeter totter. This vibrant abstract watercolor makes this artist’s artwork very appealing.

Pop Artist

Pop artist Banksy is well known for his urban street paintings, which feature topics such as a disheveled yard and an abandoned automobile. Pop artist the hectic layout speaks to the youth of today, but it also makes some people today feel nervous about being trapped in a rut. Pop artist many critics say that Banksy’s work includes a”carefree” appeal that’s made many of the critics feel youthful again. The style of abstract watercolor paintings he creates has a spontaneity and directness which are missing from many other contemporary artists’ paintings. Many critics also feel that his work is thoughtful and has a philosophical undertone.

Illustrators such as Tom Wesselmann have lately become popular with abstract watercolor paintings. His vivid pictures have a playful quality about them. Among his most famous paintings, known as Still Life With Wallpaper, shows an intricate portrait of a blossom sitting on a white background. The flower stands tall and erect, surrounded by blue and green colors. In the lower left corner, a frame carries a bouquet of daisies, another colour generally found in abstract watercolor paintings. Wesselmann often utilizes strong saturated colours to underline the stark white backdrop of his job.

Tom Wesselman

Tom Wesselman has additionally generated abstract watercolor paintings which feature people. Tom Wesselman these pictures often tell a story. Tom Wesselman one such painting, qualified Wall Piece, shows two girls lying on a bed. On one side of the picture there are several children playing with a ball. Across from those women are adult-like amounts, that have gathered around the lady’s feet.

Most of the Functions by Andy Warhol were created Throughout the 1950s. Warhol was a professional illustrator who invested much of his time working for the Defense Research Division of the United States Department of Defense. As a result of this job he was able to bring a number of his abstract artwork to the public. A notable Warhol quote would be,”I try to create the impossible possible.” It may be impossible to view abstract watercolor paintings in public galleries but Warhol’s artwork can be located online and in personal collections.


Warhol many of us who consider abstract watercolor paintings are impressed with their vibrant colors and the vivid geometric shapes that Warhol used. Warhol to achieve his bold layouts Warhol used a pencil and paper and then mixed in various other drawing instruments. Warhol it was these implements that could prove hardest to create. He would require charcoal, pencils, paper, rags, and paint. It was this need to make something new that would lead him to create a lot of distinctive and colorful abstract bits.

Now there are lots of galleries and private collectors specializing in abstract artwork. This type of artwork is ideal for anybody who appreciates the beauty of abstract artwork. Everyone can appreciate abstract watercolor paintings. Abstract artwork can be appreciated by all ages and can attract a wide array of audiences. Artists of abstract artwork are truly creative artists.

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