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Commercial Street Art

Community art, sometimes referred to as”dialical artwork”,”interdisciplinary art”, or”artic community artwork” describes the process of creating art, which is established in and created in a community setting. Community art such works in this format are generally characterized by an intentional focus on the neighborhood in question, and/or a demonstration that draws on the lived experience of a specific community or demographic group. Community art this practice has the capability to provide new avenues for social movement, social justice, and artistic expression. The term”community” can be used here to refer to a set of people or an institution. Such as in a school, neighborhood, town, or area.


Community-based art has a long history. It can trace its roots to the late nineteenth century German artist Martin Luther King Jr.’s sermons and writings, wherein he spoke of the need for artwork that would speak to draw the attention of neighborhood residents. A number of those”great” or”poor” artists made their attempts to draw the attention of neighborhood residents through public speech. Others made their efforts through road murals. One example of this could be the Delmarva Appleton murals, which have been preserved and are on display in the Smithsonian. There also have been other efforts at community art projects, such as the Berdan Park artwork project along with the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Seaport Village Project.


Applications there are numerous developed around the idea of public art. Applications these include free workshops in churches, schools, senior centers, and other community institutions. Applications in such places, community artists present their works and get the feedback of the general public. In some cases, artists are compensated for their work, while in others, no compensation is provided. Free public art workshops and events occur regularly.

A couple of examples of free workshops and events occur on a regular basis in the Los Angeles region. Two of those events that take place in the downtown area are the”Artists’ Walk” held every Saturday morning, and the”Food Forest Tour” held yearly at the beacon food forest. Both events draw hundreds of people, who have come to participate in the sounds and sights and to get a peek at the artists. Some of the artists that frequent these events include: Helen Holter, Kate Donegan, Amy Waterman, Tom Jurmain, Mark wagon, and numerous others. The Food Forest Tour is also a favorite event.

The Artist Walk

Artist walk, which happens monthly from the downtown area, local residents get together to have fun and walk around the area and see the various artists’ creations. Artist walk this particular event is a open and free public occasion. Artist walk in addition to the walking round the area, visitors are encouraged to visit different shops which sell arts and crafts materials, such as paintings and jewelry. One of the chief objectives of this specific event would be to promote community engagement and creativity. The murals that are made from the neighborhood serve as a catalyst for this particular exercise.

Another mural which can be found in the New York region is located in the Lower East Side. Located in front of a Chinese restaurant in Manhattan’s Chinatown, the mural is a stunning and innovative method for Chinese, neighborhood residents to display their civilization and their prosperity to passersby. On the other hand of this mural is a large Chinese character, whereas the back is the name of this business that is displayed on the storefront. The mural is part of the”WORLD OF COLORS,” a community arts initiative sponsored by the Chinese American Museum.

The Mural

The Mural eventually, one of the very notable and striking murals from the New York City area can be found at the corner of Broadway and 47th Street. The”Mural” is an advanced piece of public art installation that was made by award winning artist Banksy. The Mural in addition to being a highly familiar piece of street art, the Banksy mural is also part of a collaboration between the artist, his community garden along with the owners of the building that houses the gallery. The mural, which features a string of brightly colored bars and squares against a blue background, was made in the manner of graffiti art, a style of artistic expression which originated in the Los Angeles area.

These murals are examples of what can be done when artists from various cultures and backgrounds come together to showcase their artistic styles. While a lot of people can see these works of art with skepticism, it needs to be noted that many people have actually been in a position to gain from them. For instance, one of the advantages that this”Mural” job has managed to accomplish is raising the profile of a local bakery. A series of those murals containing people from all cultures eating candy bars has increased the popularity of the bakery. Many tourists visiting the New York area have been known to stop for a bite to eat at this hot bakery.

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