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Defining Surrealism

Defining surrealism, how do you define surrealism? Defining surrealism many people seem to think that it is an entirely different style of film than the classic Hollywood film industry. Defining surrealism however, that isn’t quite true. While the style of filmmaking has changed a lot over the years, one style remains firmly rooted in the industry – the film noir. Most people think of Blade Runner or Exteriors as being the quintessential modern noir, but there are actually several other styles of film that fit this bill. Each of these films explore a unique aspect of the medium by examining certain aspects that can be considered “surreal”.

The film noir is a very difficult genre to study, because it often deals with themes that aren’t often dealt with within the realm of filmmaking. For this reason, many movies that fall under this category never catch the attention of viewers until years later, when they are revealed to have strong staying power. This is because film noir directors often deal with themes that are far too unusual for the realm of movie-making. When this happens, a film becomes immediately memorable, and that is exactly what the noir genre is all about.

The Film

The film noir can be found in the works of such future filmmakers as Orson Gross and Wes Craven. The film Gross wrote and directed A Nightmare On Elm Street, while Craven directed the original version of It. The film in both of these films, there is a strange parallel to modern-day America. As is the case with most genres, the plot revolves around a normal event happening in the world, but instead of looking at that event objectively, the film presents it through an exaggerated view.

One of the things that separated the air from other forms of filmmaking was the use of reality to create an atmosphere that was unique. For example, instead of showing a man driving through the streets of a busy city, the film would present the cityscape as being completely unrealized. In fact, the audience may be so far into believing that everything around them is real that they fail to realize that they are actually watching a film. This type of filmmaking would later find its way into the world of cinema with films like Citizen Kane and It.

Easy Rİder

Easy Rider during the 1950s, this style of film-making was popularized by films such as Easy Rider. Easy Rider it was this film that would define the look of the wild west. Easy Rider the entire tone of this film was about the joys of riding a motorcycle through the open plains of a strange and foreign land. The entire framework of the story was built on the idea that our heroes had to survive and overcome a variety of dangerous situations. The films that followed easily established the “noir” genre as a unique and exciting approach to filmmaking.

When it comes to the art of editing, one of the most influential directors of the modern era of cinema was Antonia De Sousa. He was a director who managed to blend the aesthetics of the French cinema with a minimalist approach to filmmaking. Many of his films were filmed on location in places such as Monaco, and the results were always bold and explosive. His bold choices often worked well towards the development of new photographic methods and effects.

In The 1970’s

In the 1970s, another great French filmmaker, Michelangelo Donert helped to redefine the genre.  In the 1970s he found his success with movies which featured an excessive amount of Steadicam footage within their runtime. In the 1970s the use of this type of Steadicam shot was found to be incredibly spontaneous and dynamic. This included scenes that were found to be highly moving and dynamic. The experimentation that went into the editing of these types of films were revolutionary and found their way into the world of filmmaking.

The style of film-making that we have discussed above is a truly unique and interesting approach to filmmaking. It has been enjoyed by millions for over half a century. We can only imagine what the future holds in store for this style of film-making. One can only imagine how great it will be when all films are created to embrace the utmost quality and creativity. Who knows, maybe we’ll see films with no dialogue at all or with dialogue that is completely imaginary.

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