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Egyptian Headdress

Egyptian headdress have long been associated with one another. Egyptian headdress the history of this headdress is closely tied to that of history itself, starting in the 7th century B.C. and right up to the time of the pharaohs. Egyptian headdress pharaohs would often have special headdresses made for themselves which they would wear during their funeral ceremonies.


The Egyptian headdress would vary slightly from one Pharaoh to the next but it was usually an all one piece dress. These dresses were often quite elaborate with stones being woven into patterns and designs onto them. The more elaborately designed headdresses were most likely used for wedding ceremonies, although some were also worn during the ordinary day. Many of these dresses were crafted from expensive materials such as gold, silver and jewels. Although most were never worn for the wedding night, they can still be worn by modern Egyptian women on their own.


Shapes Egyptian headdresses varied in size and shape. Shapes however, it is thought that the standard headdress would be a sleeveless style with a front bust line. Shapes it was not uncommon for them to have a sash which helped to show off the bust. The length of the headdress would depend upon the importance of the person wearing it, whether it was for a funeral or everyday use.

The traditional headdresses are normally worn as headpieces in modern day Egypt. These are commonly known as the “Medallion” and are often made from gold, silver and jewels. They may also be handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen. The “Sultan’s headdress” is another example of a headdress which is rarely worn except in certain celebrations and ceremonies. However, many modern day Egyptian women prefer these less elaborate designs simply because they are more relaxed and casual.


Simnel it is also common for Egyptian women to wear a headdress which has an embroidered crown and veil. Simnel these are known as “Simnel” and can come in a variety of different styles. Simnel headdress designs are usually worn by upper class women and are made from fine fabric. They can also be custom made and a great choice for a gift. Often, they can be worn by a woman with a royal heritage as well, sometimes even to grand functions such as weddings.

If you want to buy an actual headdress, there are a number of different styles you could look at. There are large headdresses that have been designed with large panels of fabric. These are usually made from satin or charmeuse and wrapped around the torso with zigzag patterns. Alternatively, there are smaller designs that are easier to wear and can be worn either on their own or with a scarf or head scarf to help them stay in place. These are made from a mixture of materials including velvet, brocade and crepe.

Private Issue

Private issue these headdresses are also worn by men but many choose to wear them in private and less formal occasions. Private issue men’s headdresses differ in style from that of the women and some are plain, while others have intricate patterns and embroidery. Private issue a popular design for men is the beard headdress which is worn in many countries including Egypt.

There are also Egyptian headdresses which are designed in a more modern fashion. These are very stylish and can be worn to work in as well as attending functions at school or college. Designs which are worn as a casual outfit can include those with horizontal stripes, while those designed for more formal affairs can feature bolder colors. There are also plenty of headdresses available to purchase ready-made. This can make choosing the perfect headdress much easier, allowing a woman to simply slip it on and go.

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