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Elephant Mask

Elephant mask are a fun and unique way to express yourself. Elephant mask people have used them for centuries in their art and this is because of the uniqueness of the mask itself. Elephant mask these masks come in many forms like the face mask, elephant mask or the painted masks that we see today.

The mask of an elephant is known by many different names throughout the world. In fact, in India, the mask is called the Maha Maang. In Madagascar, it is called the Manonchirafycko which according to some reports are half-faced animals with large mouths that have two little teething rings at the sides.


Historically, these masks were made to pay respect to the elephant. Historically when an elephant was killed, the people put a mark on its body with a mask so that it would be recognized in the afterlife. Historically this is a tradition still alive in some African communities. The importance of the mask is such that if an elephant’s ghost does not get its rightful burial then its spirit will not haunt the living and can at least go on with their day to day lives.

It was believed that the elephant mask was created when the elephant’s body was still covered with mud. Because of this the natural oils produced by the body would mix with dirt and create a oily and sticky mess. To clean it, they dipped a stick into the mud and then stuck it on the elephant’s head. This stuck in the mud and the stick were able to then pull the mud away from the face. Thus, the mask was born.

African Traditions

African traditions the mask has played a big part in African traditions. African traditions it is used today as a way to honor an elephant. African traditions however, some people today use it as a way to make their homes more stylish. elephant themed decorations and pillows are very popular. There are even websites that sell elephant themed items.

Today, elephant masks can be purchased for a low price. If you are looking to buy a mask for an adult elephant it should cost around $30. For a child it is usually around ten or twenty dollars. If you are looking for a really great gift idea for an elephant lover, consider making it yourself.

Fabric Scraps

Fabric scraps you can make your own elephant headdress from a cloth. Fabric scraps if you want to make it cheaper you can make a mask out of fabric scraps. Fabric scraps left over from other projects can be found in any craft store. Sewing a couple buttons together and gluing them onto a piece of fabric is a great way to make a unique elephant mask. You can also purchase elephant themed hats and pillows online and in other retail stores.

You don’t have to be an artist to make your own elephant mask. If you can follow simple directions and have a sewing machine you can make a great elephant mask. If you prefer to use a sewing machine, you may want to check out a YouTube video that shows you how to sew an elephant mask. It may seem complicated but it is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. If you don’t want to invest money in a sewing machine or don’t feel confident in your abilities you can purchase one at a local department store and take it home.

Costume Pieces

Costume pieces don’t forget to wear some sort of mask while wearing elephant masks. Costume pieces a thick, dark costume will help to give the effect of the animal. Costume pieces a light costume will make it seem more like an oversized mask that was used by a child. An elephant mask can even be used to replace the face of a doll.

If you are going to use your own elephant mask remember to clean it after each use. A mask made from an old elephant hide is going to smell quite a bit so it is important to make sure you remove all traces of paint, dirt, or costume jewelry before putting it away. If you are planning on using your elephant mask outdoors, make sure to coat it with rubber or plastic protection to protect it from the rain or wind.

To complete your elephant mask you can add different accessories such as jewelry. Elephant jewelry can come in the form of chunky bracelets, large beads ornaments and more. The jewelery used on an elephant mask can resemble that of an elephant head so it can make for a very striking accessory. Use your imagination and you will soon be creating your very own unique mask made from an elephant skull!

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