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History of Decalcomania Paintings


Decalcomania is a exceptional medium with incredible potential. Decalcomania paintings are an exciting way to use the power of acrylic artwork. Decalcomania the traditionalist British style of painting has given way to some refreshingly modern form of painting. DECALCOMANIA art has taken over the hearts and homes of a lot of people in the united kingdom. Many famous celebrities such as Sir Paul McCartney, Pierce Brosnan, David Beckham and Pierce Brosnan’s wife Elle Macpherson are fans of DECALCOMANIA art. Pop star David Bowie was a major fan of the late Bob Marley and it is clear from his famous tunes that he was a massive fan of this specific style of art.

There are lots of similarities between traditionalist style and DECALCOMANIA artwork. The principal difference is in the thickness of the colors and the vividness of the colours used. The job of traditionalists was often exceptionally detailed, while performers in the new age prefer to keep things simple. Bob Marley’s classic songs used the best of the painting to convey his feelings of life. The same can be said for his songs.

New Artwork

New artwork in the past, the normal person searching for new artwork should have to travel to a number of specialist art galleries, private sellers and on sites such as eBay to find their favorite pieces of art. New artwork it was required for an art enthusiast to be located in the UK or the US to get top quality paint stores. New artwork but now that is not necessary. DECALCOMANIA paint stores could be found all around the world. They can be found online easily and in addition, there are many stockists available.

DECALCOMANIA works have a strong resemblance to the work of Bob Marley and have a similar dark and heavy setting . The paintings are usually done from the first person perspective. They tell a story concerning the topic which helps it to be a lot more personal and unlike traditionalist painting methods, they tend not to be very commercial in their appearance. This personal strategy has helped to create it much more popular with modern day art fans.

Famous Musicians

Famous musicians have had albums based on music topics. Famous musicians so many times the images used have been chosen in relation to particular songs. Famous musicians DECALCOMANIA works have used the exact same technique. The paintings are full of pictures taken from around the world and from history. Often superimpose old portraits over fresh ones.

Bob Marley is not the only artist who has taken inspiration from Decalcomania. DECALCOMANIA works are made by hundreds of other artists too. The aim is for the designs to communicate a message about a topic. By way of instance, the paintings of the Naiads of Ancient Greece would be in a totally different language to the men and women who actually wrote the symbols used. So that the message is missing unless the image is deciphered. A few of the pictures even take the artist’s trademark added on them.


DCCA there is no proof regarding when the word DCCA for Decalcomania was first used though there are references to it as far back as 1920. DCCA the kind of painting and how the various styles are presented have shifted considerably over time though. DCCA the hottest painting styles in popular culture have stayed largely the same however. Conventional portraits, spiritual paintings and landscapes are still being used though.

It is very tough to say exactly where the roots of the style of painting really lie. Some people think it may have come from French painting but this is not correct. The design does seem like French and it will look like Japanese. The main reason this painting style has become so popular is a result of the selection of topics it can portray. It also appeals to many people because of the simple fact it is filled with color and is very stylish.

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