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How to Add Epoxy to a Clay Sculpture

How to Add Epoxy to a Clay Sculpture


If you need extra support for small clay sculpture pieces or delicate designs, spray your work of art with epoxy before painting it. Add an epoxy coat to strengthen and prevent chipping. Once your epoxy-coated sculpture is completely dry, apply the paint.


Things You’ll Need

  • Sculpture
  • Newspaper
  • Face mask
  • Spray epoxy


How to Add Epoxy to a Clay Sculpture

Epoxy to a Clay Sculpture

1. Place your sculpture on a lazy Susan or set the sculpture on a flat surface on newspaper. Make sure you’re outdoors or in a well-ventilated area and wear a mask, as epoxy is toxic.


2. Stand a foot or more away from the sculpture and begin spraying the epoxy evenly across the clay.


3. Turn the sculpture or walk around it, spraying in even strokes to cover the entire area.


4. Allow the epoxy coat to dry completely on the sculpture before moving it.


5. Paint the sculpture. Test a small area to make sure the epoxy is completely dry before continuing to paint the entire sculpture.


Tips & Warnings

  • Protect the area around your sculpture with newspaper or a sheet. Spraying epoxy may cause spattering.
  • Don’t get too close with the can of epoxy. Hold your spray can at an angle to get inside intricately carved details. Too much epoxy on the sculpture may cause running and lines on the sculpture.
  • Epoxy is toxic and shouldn’t be inhaled. Wear a mask whenever spraying because the fumes are harmful.
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