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Lion Masks

Lion masks are among the most popular of animal masks found in many parts of the world. Lion masks there is a long and rich history behind the lion, one that dates back to centuries before man first drew inspiration from his early lions to portray on their paintings. Lion masks the lion has played a key role in folklore, legends, stories, songs, and drawings across many different cultures throughout the ages. From ancient Egypt to ancient China to medieval Europe and much of the Middle East, the lion has always been a popular symbol, drawing people to it and leading them into battle. This is likely why the lion has become such a universally recognizable symbol.

Lions have been a favorite symbol for a long time. In folklore and ancient tales, the lion was a symbol of royalty, power, and glory. The lion has played a key role in song and story, inspiring writers, artists, and composers for centuries. The lion’s roar has been a universal call to action, inspiring battles, and wars. And through the ages, lion masks have been used to represent strength, power, majesty, and courage.

Powerful Images

Powerful images because of this, lion masks have been used to depict powerful images, stories, and emotions. Powerful images throughout the ages, these masks have been changed and adapted to suit different roles, but the lion has always represented strength, nobility, and the hunt. Powerful images the lion masks we see today represent the same characteristics.

There are various styles of lion masks to choose from. The most basic lion head is simply a strip of flesh colored, and often times made of brass or copper. Sometimes these lion heads are covered with jewels or other adornments to further heighten their regal appearance. However, the most regal of lion heads is simply a simple head covered in hair. In fact, sometimes these simple lion heads are painted with aspects of the lion’s skin. This is what gives the lion mask such a magnificent, timeless appearance.


Types another lion head that is quite similar is that which is made of metal. Types these lion heads can range from simple and large, to small and compact. Types a lion mask that is very large in size can resemble that of a lion that is about to attack, while a lion mask that is very small in size may signify that the lion is unable to charge due to lack of strength. These are just some of the types of lion heads that people commonly choose.

Of course, not all lion masks are just heads. Some lion masks are actually worn as necklaces. The lion’s head can be adorned on a necklace, thus giving the character a captivating look. These lion costume necklaces are commonly chosen for Halloween and other costume parties.


Costume of course, there are also lion heads that are covered with clothing. Costume these are commonly seen in the making of a lion costume. Costume the lion’s face can be covered with clothes such as a long, flowing, drape cloth. This allows the lion to have a fashionable look that is unique and different from any other lion that you have ever seen. These costumes are commonly worn during festivals such as the Burning Man Festival in the United States.

Because there are so many different styles of lion masks, you should have no problem finding one that suits your needs. There are even styles and varieties that can be personalized for you. In fact, there are several websites on the Internet that allow you to select the perfect lion mask for your needs and request that it be mailed right to your home or office address. This gives you the ability to enjoy a beautiful mask without having to worry about having to go out into the cold or warm weather to find it and bring it home. These customized lion masks make terrific gifts for children as well as adults.

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