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Snowflake Window Clings

Snowflake the beauty of a snowflake window clings is that they can be used for any interior decoration. Snowflake these are unique and attractive decorations for the windows of your house. Snowflake they are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. The snowflake window clings have beautiful designs that add charm to your interiors.

The most popular designs of these snowflakes are the Blue Snowflake Clings, Pink and White Clings, Clear and White Clings and Colored Clings. You can choose any of the design that you like. They can be personalized by adding your name or initials on them. You can buy clings from the specialty stores or you can order them online. There are many stores that sell snowflake decorations.


Design if you want to design snowflakes for your walls then you can use the same patterns and colors. Design you can paint the snowflakes with different shades of colors. Design for the light colors, you can use pink and for the dark ones, you can use black color. You can play around with the patterns so that they match your interiors. Make sure that you are using the right kind of snowflake for the right place.

You can create a snowflake window clings with the help of snowflakes or snow globes. You can buy these in craft stores. When making snowflake window clings or snow globes you should first prepare the glass beads or glass rods by melted wax. Then you can paint them according to the design of the clips that you want to make.

White Paper

White paper snowflake window clings can also be made out of paper. White paper in this case, you will need to prepare a white paper or card. White paper you can use any color of paper or card as your designing theme. Cut the pattern on the white paper or card and then wrap it around the base of the pin or the bar. Glue the clings to the base. These clings look beautiful when you use gold thread or silver thread as your binding mechanism.

You can also make snowflakes clings out of glass beads. The first thing that you have to do is to collect the glass beads in a bowl. Then you can arrange them over the base. You can use any kind of thread to bind them together. When you have already arranged the glass beads, you can start working on the clings.

Hut Glue Gun

Hut glue gun the easiest way to make snowflakes is to use a hot glue gun. Hut glue gun you can start binding the snowflakes after you have attached the base and the bar. Hut glue gun you have to make sure that all the parts are well-sealed so that there is no chance for leakage. Once you have done all the parts, you can start painting the snowflakes. You can also add glitter if you want to. For painting, you can use water-based paint.

Finally, you can let your kids decorate the snowflake window clings using colorful pipe cleaners. All the glass beads will become snowflakes once they are stuck to the pipe cleaners. You can even make it more exciting by having a contest. Have your kids to submit their snowflake design to the pipe cleaners and the winner will get a prize. This would also a great bonding moment between you and your children.

Glass Beads

Glass beads to make snowflake clings, you need to have clear glass beads. Glass beads these glass beads will be your templates when you are doing your design. Glass beads you have to use the hot glue gun to stick the glass beads onto the sheetrock. To give them a unique design, you can make them round, square or in other shapes. Once you are done designing them, you can start gluing them onto the sheetrock.

While you are using the glue, make sure that you seal it properly. First, you can apply an undercoat and secondly, you can apply a white topcoat over the clings. This will make the clings easier to remove. Before you remove the rings from the frame, make sure that you secure it with screws. Otherwise, it will be easy for pests like ants to enter into your house.

When you are done using your snowflake window clings, wash it properly. It is important for the glue to dry before it is used on something else. For your final touch, you can sprinkle some glitter over your snowflake window clings and leave it like that.

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