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Still Life Painting Ideas


Still life painting, they tend to picture a still life that is filled with exotic scenes from the Mediterranean, possibly Turkey or Greece. Still life painting but this image of a still life painting may not be very accurate. Still life painting these paintings are not made in still life format but also other types of still life formats. Still life paintings can actually be made in still life format, on canvas, or on fabric. Fabric still life paintings are not as common as they used to be but they have a unique charm and are worth exploring for any home or craft room.

Fabric still life paintings use very fine, featherweight fabrics stretched tightly over a frame. The frame is usually made of wood but can also be metal, aluminum or plastic. Fabric still life paintings look very different from paintings made from a still life formula. The shapes are irregular and the colors more vivid. Fabric still life painting requires a great deal of skill and patience to create something that looks good.

Fabric Still

Fabric still if you are interested in making a small quilt or baby quilt then you will want to consider the fabric still life painting. Fabric still these types of still life paintings can make a beautiful gift and they are very easy to make. Fabric still with a little careful shopping around you can find just the right pattern and colors to fit your design needs.

The technique to use a fabric still life painting is to sketch out your idea on an artwork pad or card first. Then you will need to choose the correct colors and a coordinating design pattern that suit your quilt. Many quilters create quilts in a specific order, such as from a main color to accents and so forth.


Purchase quilt fabrics at craft and textile stores. Purchase or you can have one made up for you from fabric left over from another project. Purchase or you can choose to make your own pattern out of fabric, paper and pencil. Many still life patterns include a border with some type of floral design. You can also trace a design on a clean and lightly colored piece of fabric.

Once you have your sketch in hand, you will need to decide where you will want your still life painting to go. The best place to hang a still life painting is in a sunny area of your home such as on a wall near your front door or in the center of a family room. This will be the focal point of your space and it will catch the attention of everyone who enters. Hanging it in a corner will not only add depth to the space but will also provide an illusion of more space than you actually have.

Painting Process

Painting process before you start your painting, remove any items that will interfere with the painting such as adornments on pillows, throws and other decorations. Painting process it is also important to remove any loose hardware from around the edges of the fabric. Painting process the hardware can mar the appearance of the painting and spoil the look of a well-designed item. If you are hanging your still life on a wall, there may be a good spot for it in the center. Just make sure that it is not tripped over by any rugs or mats.

When you have finished your layout, you should let your wife or husband know what you have done. You can then both go and pick up the paint brush and go at it yourself. If you are a handyman, you might consider letting him tackle the job. However, he should first be able to test the paint for hardness and quality before he attempts to work it. And as always, it would be a good idea to let him know what the final design will look like so he does not start his own design from scratch.

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