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Surrealism has been an artistic movement developed in Europe during the late 20th Century and has been primarily influenced by Dadaism. Surrealism the trend is most well known for its surrealist artworks and influential works and the fusion of unrelated real-life objects to stimulate the unconscious mind via vivid imagery.

Surrealism much of what is referred to as surrealism derives from the paintings of French surrealist artists such as Manet, Monet, Camille Pissaro, Fauvism, and Cezanne. In its early days, the term “surrealism” was used to describe a style of painting that had similar characteristics to everyday images but was more loosely associated with the ideas of futurism and surrealism. Futurism is a movement that predates surrealism.

Surrealism came to prominence toward the end of the First World War. Artist Manet created his famous painting entitled My Fair Lady, which became highly popular with both the public and art critics. Within a short time, it had established itself as a significant style of art.


Artists, there are so many numbers. Artists the Surrealists’ most famous work is usually associated with their experimentation with multiple mediums. Artists the artistry involved in surrealism is often presented in a highly distorted form. Examples of artists are works like those done by Paul Durand-Ruel, who portrayed zombies with razor-sharp teeth and arms. This was followed by forming the Group of Five, which included artists like Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Paul Rusch, and Albert Camus. The mediums utilized in what is surrealism can vary widely.

Often this is accomplished through the employment of an abundance of colors, shapes, and forms. This variety of visual stimuli helps to create a unique type of art. Some of the most popular ones are represented below.


Racheal the use of color in Racheal’s art is pretty unique. Racheal the colors are often bright, but there are instances where shades of grey and black are also used. Racheal art usually takes the form of handmade origami. Origami has become one of the more popular forms of surrealism in recent years.


Citrus surrealism comes from the natural colors found within oranges and lemons. Citrus the main feature of this type of work is the bright colors, which seem to burst from the surface of the orange or lemon. Citrus the most common colors associated with this style are yellow (often representing brightness), orange (more of bright hot orange), and red. A common theme is that objects are hollow and that they are made out of citrus. Citrus surrealism is one of the most popular of the various forms of surrealism. It is prevalent in China and Japan.


Dada, this type of art is characterized by having a solid border or a field, which can then be divided into smaller shapes. Dada these are commonly put together in a large composition. Dada’s large posters are often put up in public places to represent the movement of Dadaism. A popular feature is to have pictures of political figures put up. This is the most popular form of what is surrealism. It is characterized by using an abundance of colored photographs and distorted images. As you would expect, it is a prevalent form of art amongst both adults and children. There is a lot of subjectivity involved in this type of art. Many critics have tried to define what surrealism is, but no one person or idea truly understands it. In some cases, this can even lead to arguments about what is real or what is not.


Fauvism, also known as French Realism, is a type of surrealism based around a natural environment. Fauvism uses objects found in nature for inspiration. Fauvism can often be found in gardens, on mountain tops, or within the borders of cities. Surrealism is so much more than a single style of art. It is an umbrella term for many different artistic approaches. Each of these different approaches shares similarities and differences.

Some commonalities include reliance on color, a strong focus on shapes and forms, and the borrowing of certain stylistic elements from other genres. The use of everyday objects, locations, and items to create a surreal environment can make surrealism very appealing to many people is. So if you are wondering what surrealism is, remember that each of these different styles can be very attractive and evoke different reactions. However, the best way to appreciate what surrealism is is to take it on its terms and look at the art itself.

There is no right or wrong answer. Each artist creates what surrealism is in their unique way. Just look at the examples above and imagine what each one was trying to achieve with their work.

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